I facilitate authentic presence through
creative coaching & web design.

Authentic presence

creative coaching & web design


I believe that authenticity is the way from the heart, to the heart; the way of connection.
When we authentically show up, and share our services in a way that is honest and sincere, we open up to true resonance and collaboration. By being open about our intentions, and by transmitting Why we are doing what we are doing; acknowledging the value and importance of our service, we invite and welcome the needs of others we intend helping to fulfill with our contributions.

I invite you to connect with your WHY, and to co-create a business or project in tune with yourself; to share your service in a way that makes sense to your heart, and by doing so serving the hearts of others.

When you allow yourself to shine, by doing so you allow others to do the same.
PS. And yes, showing up can feel empowering, yet also very vulnerable. #metoo.

“Vulnerability is the only bridge to build connection.” Brene Brown

Passionate about the discovery of our human potential, authentic connection and our innate willingness and capacity to contribute to the life of others; I love to help you explore your inspiration, and clarify your WHY, your purpose, passion and your service. It’s my joy to help and enable you to shine, online and offline, so you can share yourself and your gift with the world in a way that makes sense to your heart. Let’s together create the impact you, and your service deserves. Let’s create. Let’s shine!

Creative Coaching

Discover. Be authentic. Share you gift.



You are inspired about something!
Your inspiration is clear, or not at all. You might be struggling with the “what” and “how” to express yourself and transmit your message, or maybe you’re not clear on the “why” of what your doing or want to do. Either way; a perfect place to start! Let’s explore together.



What is there to discover?
 What is the opportunity to be seen and uncovered? With, and through your eyes. And what do you (perhaps) only imagine to be in the way? What is the gift, your contribution, that desires to shine through, and joyfully wants to be expressed and shared with the world? Let’s discover.



Now that you’re clear on your gifts and your intention; how do you want to present yourself? How do you want to share? What makes sense to your heart? Let’s look and feel into this, and create the website that inspires and invites others to connect with you and your service. Be authentic, and shine your way!

coaching sessions

What is the need you recognize and are inspired to fulfill?
I’d love to help you with the process of clarifying your WHY, and the discovery and creation of your unique transmission and authentic presence, with which you invite people to connect and allow yourself to make impact with your offerings in service of a more beautiful world.

 This can be part of a project with a website as the end result, but I am also available for seperate coaching- and exploration sessions on this topic. 

Price: 85€ for a session of 75 min.

Web Design

Connect with me to discuss the options, and prices.


I can completely design and build your website with WordPress based web design. Both possible in English and Dutch. I will make the website according to your wishes and needs, mobile responsive, and SEO proof.

I can help you create the content for your website. Inspire you, ask the right questions and think along and give direction for you to be able to transmit the message you want to get accross. I also have a great camera, a good eye, and would be able to take your picture.

Inspiration into Creation

It’s such a joy to help people clarify and discover the inspiration that’s alive, to turn this inspiration into creation, and enable them with a website to share their gift with the world. These are the people I worked with:

creative coaching and webdesign
creative coaching and webdesign
creative coaching and webdesign

about me

Hi, I am Stephanie! And I’m passionate about discovering the opportunity of being human, and the potential to experience, create and share authentic connection – together – with all of life.  As much as this is my own journey of self-discovery, it’s also my calling to hold space and help other people uncover and connect with their uniqueness and full potential, so that they can live and show up authentically. In this my gifts are my intuition, my creativity, my openness and ability to listen and really see people and their potential.
Inspired by life and what happens in the world, my fascination for nature and the human journey, it’s my joy to contribute to the evolution and blossoming of our beautiful world by creating opportunities for authentic connection and co-creation.

Also… I love photography, the ocean, to be in nature, painting, writing poetry, dancing, community, music and silence.

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